About the eCommerce Forum.

ecf1The Best Minds in eCommerce Advancing the Art and Science of Selling Online


The eCommerce Forum is an invitation-only private conference for the most experienced online sales thinkers and doers. The goal of the Forum is to build the strongest intellectual network in eCommerce and act like a Think Tank.

The Forum was founded by Ian Jindal of InternetRetailing and Joris Beckers of Fredhopper, following ongoing requests by senior online sellers to meet like-minded peers. We do this out of passion for what we do and because we are truly interested to explore the future and learn how we can do things better.

The Forum isn’t a typical conference. It is more like a Think Tank with members that share a passion to advance the art and science of online sales in meaningful and practical ways and collectively direct the Forum forward. The Forum is confidential and there is a ban on selling or plugging of companies or products. Over and above all this, the Forum is a great place to make new friends, strengthen old ties, learn something, widen your view and have some fun along the way.

The result? A unique community of peers to engage with. Unexpected connections. Extraordinary insights. Powerful inspiration.


Online sellers are shifting focus from creating the infrastructure to sell online to learning how to sell online. This is a new uncontested area about which collectively we know too little. The topics in the Forum are related this tipping point and centre around online merchandising, marketing and the organisational challenges associated with active online sales. The goal is to achieve a point where we know as much about selling online as we know today about selling in the real world.


  • Membership is strictly personal and by invitation-only, no company nominations
  • All interactions between members are confidential
  • The Forum is lead by an independent chairman
  • No selling


  • Bi-annual meetings
  • Exclusive, confidential talks from top experts and practitioners
  • Find best practice, not simple ‘most practiced’
  • Coordinated experiments to identify best practice
  • Member-only collaboration space, online forum and mailing list


Anyone can join ECF as a Website Member, free. We’re keen engage with peers and disseminate learning, and will continue to find more ways to engage with anyone interested. You are invited to join the ECF Group on LinkedIn where we’ll make occasional announcements and you can see others who are interested in our activities.

To attend an ECF Conference, however, you must be invited. Applications are accepted only if, in our judgment, the applicant will be a strong contributor to the ECF Conference Community and the ideas discussed at Conference. As a rule of thumb, our focus senior online sellers with experience of complex businesses with more than € 70 million in online sales or a history of innovation and expertise.

Once invited you will be able to access the collaboration space and presentations even if you’re unable to attend future events.

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